What did I (try to) tell you?

“All crypto currencies will be consolidated into one after the elimination of all other legal currencies worldwide;”

Eldon J. Brown, All Star Activist – excerpted from “What is The Mark of The Beast” 08/18/2019

Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts CBDC Biometric Control Grid
Building a Bitcoin Prison – Catherine Austin Fitts

allstaractivist note: I just have to comment on this last video. The fundamental flaw with any tech based cryptography is quantum computing ability and access to it. Those in power have never allowed the masses (sorry Catherine) access to superior ability. Just look at how much tech they’ve already denied us. Any cryptography can be broken by those with superior technical ability and guess who that would be. Dream on. We are up against paradigm masters, this guy doesn’t really know who he’s trying to fuck with, no idea whatsoever. I do like his enthusiasm though. ITS NOT ABOUT A TECHNOLOGY, IT’S ABOUT A SYSTEM OF CONTROL THAT EXPLOITS THE HUMAN WEAKNESS IN ALL OF US. The only way to escape is to build better humans, moral humans that genuinely care about one another. It’s primarily a cultural problem and it may already be too late for most. The solution is to return to transactions that are sealed by a handshake. If we can get to that point, we stand a chance.


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