The Two Witnesses won’t be pacifists

Imagine Dragons – Believer

I find it funny that Christians are supposed to be non-violent in the World’s eyes yet, that isn’t biblically supported.

Honestly, I don’t know what turning the other cheek means, but I’m sure it isn’t meant literally. The Bible is rarely literal and Jesus was even less so. Speaking to the ages required the latitude of metaphor, change being the only constant. So, I’m done turning cheeks.

In the Old Testament offenders, sinners, were stoned. They were killed to both purge and deter. The disciples carried swords, one of whom lopped off an ear. And finally there will be The Two Witnesses who will kill with fire, eventually being murdered themselves. Where did all this pacifism stuff come from?

Another funny thing about the New Testament examples of biblical self defense is that possessing weapons was and will be outlawed. So much for man’s crappy two tiered laws. Now let me see, do I follow man’s unequal, unbiblical laws or God’s law? Man’s law or God’s law? You know, I just can’t decide.

“Fear not them which can kill the body only, but fear him that can kill both body and soul in hell.”

Well would you look at that, even God kills. Who woulda thunk it. You know, I bet it’s a pretty safe bet that even angels kill too, from time to time. Just where the hell did all this non-violent stuff come from anyway? Satan maybe, who would gleefully kill all true Christians dead, you know, the ones who keep weapons (he likes the fake ones who don’t, they’ll live).

And what about “dead man switches”, also known as curses? You think God has ever dabbled around with them?

I’ve asked God to grant me a curse, a “dead man’s switch” if you will. Yeah, uh huh. I’m pretty sure it’s been granted too because it’s not for me. That, and because I’m almost half Cherokee Indian, we tend to hang around after crossing. I even got a synchronicity right after asking as confirmation. As soon as I ended my prayer a lady on TV started talking about the Death Angel of Egypt, just out of the clear blue! Imagine that, Dragon. Let’s see now, if I can remember it correctly. I think it went a little sumthin like this;

“Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for letting me come to you today. Please Father, forgive me for my sins. I have a request to make Father and please forgive me if it is outside of your will. I am very afraid to ask you of such a thing, terribly afraid Father, because I know that you will grant it and that I must make a sacrifice for the granting. I am afraid because the last time I asked you for something you gave it to me and it completely changed my entire life, I respectfully and fearfully ask for your mercy because I know what asking means.

Father, I ask that after my death you allow me to stay earthbound as spirit and to kill all of the evil people that ever had anything to do with harming me and my mom. I ask to become a Death Angel Father, just as the angel of ancient Egypt was, the angel who killed all first born. I claim the right to ask for this respectfully Father, as it is a fair request and you are a fair and just God. I also ask Father, for the assistance of an Arc Angel to help me accomplish this task, but only if it be in accordance with your will Father. Finally Father, I ask not for vengeance sake, but so that all of those who would have been harmed by those who tortured and killed me and mom, would be spared. I wish to save them from our fate and allow them to have lives free of those who tormented us. Please Father God, allow me to continue working here on Earth in death just as I tried to do in life, I’m not ready to rest yet and respectfully ask to let Heaven wait. Thank you so much Father God, Jesus and your precious Holy Spirit. In Jesus name I pray and ask it Father, amen. Thank you Lord.”


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