Another False Flag Alert

Well, here we go again. Damn I’m tired of this…

So, I’m a Doordasher. Correction, an inactive Dasher, ever since the e-bike company I rented my bike from closed. At first I was allowed to keep the bike at the homeless shelter that I currently reside at, but no more. I was then forced to find alternate bike storage which I did find at the Embarcadero BART station in San Francisco.

I’ve been keeping the bike there (which I bought outright upon store closure) for about three months now. The storage has electrical outlets which allow me to keep the bike’s battery charged as well as various electronics like earbuds etc.. I keep everything in an old toolbox I modified to be able to function as a jobbox, locked by chain. An extension cord runs from outlet to box to charger. Sometimes I lock other equipment to it on an as needed basis, like a basket, wheeled cooler, hand truck and helmet, usually for a couple of days or less. This bike storage locker has become the bike’s permanent home and comfortable break room refuge for me. It is gated, access controlled and monitored by cameras. Other bikers use it too but we usually keep to ourselves, usually…

Okay, here’s the false flag part. Because I’m a long time Targeted Individual and victim of Gang Stalking, my instincts and counter-surveillance skills are fairly developed, to the point of precognition. I’ve seen just about everything over the decades and really believe I’m transcending normal humanity, just sayin. I suppose the constant threat of death over the years will do that, plus God’s mercy. Anyway, this is getting verbose so I’m going to bullet point the specifics;

  • Stolen bike same model as mine (Zoomo Sport) placed inside group bike locker for two weeks, unlocked. I returned to company.
  • Stolen bike same model as mine inside bike locker at my homeless shelter. I had long since been arbitrarily banned from keeping mine there, hypocrites. I brought a company mechanic inside to recover it, with some resistance from shelter staff. Unbelievable…
  • Snuck up on by a stranger while obtaining photographic proof that the locker kiosk properly recorded my bike storage properly. Shortly after I noticed a surveillance team on me, inside the station. I had locked up my wheeled Igloo cooler inside the locker for about six hours as I rode the bike, did someone think it a bomb? More likely, a convenient explanation for a bomb planted by “them” with me as a patsy. What is it with “them” and coolers anyway? SOB’s.
  • Approached by an old guy on the street who would only identify as “Pop’s”. He keeps his bike in the group locker with mine and said he was a Dasher too. Nice but suspicious.
  • There are more details but I will demur for the sake of brevity, main points covered.

Whoever “they” are, white hats, black hats, I dunno. All I know is that I’m sick of living like a goddamn spy cause I’m not a goddamn spy. With all the election crap, New World Order Globalist crap, pandemic crap, economic crap, proxy war with Russia/The Ukraine crap, etc., etc., etc., blaming me for a terrorist act “they” committed would accomplish much, for “them”. Using me as a patsy would destroy my character, shut me up (even though I say little now), distract the sheeple away from “their” crimes and justify further control and power grabbing.

Hey, it could just be them doing their jobs, keeping the public safe and all, but when was the last time that happened? What have we been watching for the past two years, since Biden and Covid? Have “they” really been concerned with public safety or conversely, obsessed with grabbing world control?

Hey, I’m just a broken down homeless guy whose only possession is a bicycle. Leave me out of your technocratic dreams you murderers.