Not Allowed

“I wonder if he knows how good he is?”

I puzzled over this question for a long while, it struck me odd. What an odd thing to say about a person you are trying to kill. Doesn’t seem to make sense. Recent days events helped me to figure it out, with a little help. The capper to the musing, formed as a question, hit me just today. The question was actually an expression of frustration mingled with admiration (albeit misplaced), that “they” are not allowed.

The help in figuring out this strange query came in the form of gag, Alex Jones. I listen to everyone from all spectrums of the intelligentsia, a necessary requisite to full understanding. Sometimes, with certain more acerbic personalities, the discipline can test ones powers of endurance, hence the gagging. In this case however, suffering the monotonous drone paid off, paid off in the mantra of “Karmic Load”. Alex Jones force fed me the final piece of the puzzle. The “Deep State” is not allowed to directly kill me for fear of the Karmic price that would be extracted.

I had been thinking a lot about Charlie Murphy lately, thinking about how much he had loved his brother Eddie. I found it remarkable how overprotective he had been of Eddie in life and how different the two were. The contrast was striking. This led to me thinking about Eddie Murphy, then about former Spice Girl Mel B., then seeing Mel B in a TV show boot camp and finally, to The Golden Child. That’s when it all came together and made total sense, I’m the goddamn Golden Child!

In the movie you see, the demon Sardon Lupsie was trying to get the Golden Child (whom he and his minions kidnapped) to defile himself by eating something impure, in this case raw blood. Had the boy eaten the blood he would no longer be pure and could then be killed, troubling the demon no more. It dawned on me that I was in the exact same position, my potential assassins were prohibited in just such a way! As long as I stayed in the light of Jesus and tried to follow my Lord, my demons are not allowed to directly touch me, just like The Golden Child. They are scared of God’s wrath, the price they would have to pay in blowback. The best they can hope for, and all they are allowed to do, is that my constant torture will drive me to suicide. Either that or that I stray far enough away from God and become vulnerable.

At some point I will be martyred but for now I’m the friggin Golden Child of God!

Tell no one that I have put you on the path.


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