Yet another doppleganger

Well, since posting that I utilized the BART bike locker as a break room, lo and behold I get a warning I am violating the rules. They never stop harassing, the Deep State alphabet agencies that is.

As per policy, a rider is only allowed ten minutes in the bike locker to either retrieve or deposit their bicycle. Really, that is barely enough time to break down (or build up) whatever configuration you’ve got going on the bike and then slap some locks on it, or off. So, in order to comply with the time limit, I now dress up and break down the bike OUTSIDE of the bike locker, to save time and comply with the ten minute limit. There is a little nook where I do this right next to the locker, when homeless aren’t sleeping in it.

This is my fourth time soing this as of tonight. As im inside the locker, I see a young hispanic male in a blue jacket whip into the very same spot that I had been in with my bike just a few minutes earlier. I have never seen anyone with their bike in that little nook area ever, I am the only person who does this, period. Most people who use the locker simply open it and store or retrieve their bike, what reason do they have to use the nook? So when the young man turns his head and spots me looking at him from inside the cage, a sickened look comes over his face and he seems stricken. I then look away and wait for him to open the door (its controlled access) to park his bike inside with me, like we legitimate patrons all do. I wait, and wait, and wait until I finally look back up to see him gone. What the hell had he been up to?

Now suspicious, I exit the locker and mill about looking for him, nowhere to be seen. I then take the elevator to street level, only to almost bump into a man walking his bicycle. The man then proceeds to put down an almost full fifth of whiskey, pull a five pound maul hammer from his jacket and destroy a Wells Fargo ATM. He did politely ask me if I was going to use it before he destroyed it. Screen glass & debris flew everywhere and the hammer strikes sounded like muffled explosions. Anyway…

Now I’m super alert and decide to double back later to check things out. I left and returned twice but the young man never returned (not the ATM destroyer, the nook usurper).

Had he been operative instructed to mimic me? Cause a disturbance that would get me banned drom the nook as well? I dis see two police officers sertetoll by looking at me shortly before the doppelganger appeared. My God given psychic abilities alerted me to them before they were visible (through a wall) and I met their stare as they emerged, causing them to look down when our eyes met. I’ve seen police through building corners before, but that was when Satan was calling me.


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