My understanding is rather broad being born and raised in Berkeley California, I’m tolerant in the excess. This lack of reverence for barriers and limits was a natural consequence of immersion in “hippie culture”, since birth. I understand “The Dude”, but I am not “The Dude”. I’m a mutt, therefore…

I used to ride a new Fuji mountain bike with 29″ wheels, large frame, Ortlieb panniers and a pink wire basket woven with sunflowers on the front. At the time, I was working for The San Francisco Aids foundation as a volunteer doing needle pickup for them. I miss those days.

You can’t write what you don’t know. Had started out for a story but somehow just never got around to writing it. Oh, it’s in there alright, lounging around on high end custom sofas of silk and Damascus , but I kinda like it there.

I think I wanna keep it to myself there, visit from time to time. Visit when days aren’t so sunny, always comforting and cherished, the memory. Nice to have it there on those kinda days, just for me.


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