Women feel unsafe

Many women feel unsafe now, as I’m sure many men do too (we’re just more practiced at hiding it). I’ve noticed a distinctly favorable response from them as of late, almost like i’ve instantly become much “hotter”, my missing teeth don’t seem to matter at all. As soon as I enter a room they stop whatever they are doing and gawk at me, liven and warm. Yeah, I’m extremely handsome anyway, but I’m way hotter now for some reason. Gee now, I wonder what that “it factor” could be… hmmm…

Picture of me on Black Friday, 11-25-22.

I mean damn, can you blame them? Just look at that gorgeous hunka man!

Picture of me on 420, eight years ago. 04-20-2014, that is.

Now to be fair, I’ve always been “cute but crazy” and even back then was usually well received, but now? Nothing like now. Man, wish I could figure out just what it is. WTF could it possibly be?

Do you know?


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