On this most tragic of anniversaries, I find it interesting that Oswald had a Doppelganger.

I myself, have experienced this unsettling construction, “parallel construction” that is. Apparently, early in his life, Oswald was being groomed for work in The Company by construction of an alternate life. Someone that looked like him was running around different parts of the country, going to school, making friends, working jobs etc. as Oswald, for years. There were people who swore that he had been their friend since childhood, well into young adulthood, when history now verifies that was impossible. A complete and totally fake other life story, for Oswald. Not a twin but a look alike claiming to be Oswald, having documents to prove he was Oswald but not actually Oswald. Who was he and why was he doing that, as a child no less?

Disturbingly, I have been told far too many times by acquaintances (not people who knew me well, except twice) that they have seen me in places I was not at. I have also seen for myself items of unique clothing (shoes) that only I wore on KTVU CH. 2 news, being worn by a male interviewed anonymously, filmed showing only his feet and shoes, shoes only I wore. Incidentally, I’ve had one of their reporters hastily depart as I benignly approached to greet. I’ve also seen a young clone of a dead ex-girlfriend who I would have swore was her only younger, in a homeless shelter.

Well, anyone tasked with impersonating me now will have to sacrifice ten teeth to do the job right. If I smile at you and you see pearly whites, it ain’t me.


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