I see uncertainty in faces all around me, even amongst those once so sure. None have any grasp the severity of the situation. I listen to them talk, the way they talk, the way they respond to verbal trigger and cue. THEY ARE CLUELESS, yet sense something ineffably amiss. They just can’t quite figure out what…

Little wonder how baffled the wolf that becomes the prey, hasn’t been built for that. They lash out over trivial things, like children unable to articulate the particulars of their discomfort. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this” they almost say but cannot utter the words. Almost sad really.

Somehow, it’s all my fault, as if my very existence is to blame for it all. “Sweetie, this is all you, you got what you wanted so why aren’t you happy now?” I think to myself .

Welcome to my world, World.


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